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        2. 考研英语高分写作词句必备(四)-启程网

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            151.lottery citizens “彩民”

            152.sponsor charities or athletic development 扶持慈善事业与体育发展

            153.try one's luck 碰运气

            154.make easy money 轻松赚钱

            155.great temptation 巨大的诱惑

            156.In my mind, lottery is much the same as gambling in nature and it certainly brings more negative effects than positive effects, if any. 在我看来  ,购买彩票与赌博在性质上并无二致  ,它有很多负面作用 ,而正面作用却微乎其微  。

            157.earning-quick-buck mentality 迅速暴富的思想

            158.Secondly, not a few people, being indulged in lottery, lose not only initiative for work but also interest in life. 第二  ,不少人对彩票痴心不改  ,对工作失去了积极性 ,对生活失去了兴趣  。

            159.Wishful thinking 如意算盘

            160.fall into four categories 归结为四类

            161.addiction to drugs 吸毒成瘾

            162.habitual drug-takers(吸毒)瘾君子

            163.First, mass media keep us well informed of the happenings of the world which would otherwise remain unknown. 首先 ,通过大众传媒 ,我们对世界风云变幻了如指掌  ,否则我们就会一无所知  。

            164.They must make great efforts to meet the satisfaction of the adults, and at the same time go out of their way to avoid imposing bad influence on the children. 他们既要努力满足成年观众的需求  ,又要避免影片对儿童产生不利影响 。

            165.Films and TV series ought to educate the young but not to ruin them. 影片和电视节目应对未成年人起到教化作用而不是教唆作用  。

            166.combine book knowledge with practice 将书本知识与实践结合

            167.Though it does good to college students in many ways, the golden week can never be said to bring no problems. 对大学生而言 ,尽管黄金周好处多多  ,但其负面效应也是客观存在的  。

            168.cherish time 珍惜时间