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              51.Some academic works are full of plagiarisms. 一些学术作品里充满了剽窃来的思想和文字  。

              52.money-oriented salespeople 惟利是图的商人

              53.fake commodity 假货

              54.achieve success 取得成功

              55.impart knowledge(to)传授知识

              56.the soul engineer of mankind 人类灵魂的工程师

              57.raise teachers'' social status and improve their material welfare 提高教师社会地位  ,改善教师物质待遇  。

              58.an empty slogan 一个空洞的口号

              59.international prestige 国际地位

              60.promote the unification of China 促进祖国的统一

              61.in the long run 从长远看来

              62.make every citizen aware that 使每个人都意识到……

              63.take the lead 起带头作用

              64.deforestation 森林砍伐

              65.ecosystem 生态系统

              66.According to its definition, the purpose of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 根据定义  ,可持续发展战略提出的目的是在不损害子孙后代的利益的前提下满足今天人们的需要  。

              67.The fulfillment of one''s duty and obligations 履行某人的职责与义务

              68.maintain the stability and unity of our country 维护我们国家的稳定和统一