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            201.the treasure of the whole family 全家的宝贝

            202.satisfy the child's need 满足孩子的需要

            203.the spoiled child 被宠坏的孩子

            204.Moreover, too much praise makes the children proud, which further spoils them and renders them liable to develop all kinds of bad habits in the long run 另外一点是 ,从长远看来  ,对孩子过度的赞扬会助长其骄傲心理  ,他们依仗父母的宠爱  ,可能会染上各种坏习惯  。

            205.ensure their normal growth and development 促进他们的健康成长与发展

            206.the harmful effect of indulgence 放任(孩子)的危害

            207.the inevitable by-products of the diploma craze 文凭热的必然产物

            208.lay too much emphasis on their candidates' educational background 过于看重应聘者的教育背景

            209.win the employer's favor 获得顾主的青睐

            210.Therefore, fake diplomas disturb the normal order of job markets and do great harm to society. 因此 ,假文凭破坏就业市场的正常秩序 ,对社会造成极大危害 。

            211.anti-forgery technology 防伪技术

            212.fabricate 伪造(文书)

            213.We should not only expose the fabricators through media but also punish them severely by law. 对造假者不仅应该通过媒体将其曝光 ,还应该用法律手段严加惩罚  。

            214.Some children become so addicted to the foreign snacks that they will go eating whenever possible. 有些孩子对洋快餐迷恋到了极点 ,一有可能就要去吃  。

            215.junk food 圾食品