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            1.superior to others 高人一等

            2.The large scale development of West China is of profound significance 西部大开发具有深远意义

            3.revitalize our nation实现我们民族的伟大复兴

            4.lag behind(发展)滞后

            5.the opening-up policies 开放政策

            6.lure more foreign capital吸引更多的外资

            7.leave… far behind 把…远远地甩到后边

            8.In addition, the west's unique unfavorable geographic positions greatly limit its development 另外  ,西部极为不利的地理位置限制了其自身的发展  。

            9.subsistence problem 温饱问题

            10.If left unchanged, the underdevelopment in the west will greatly affect overall prosperity and even social stability.这种状况若不改变的话 ,西部的落后将极大地影响共同富裕的目标甚至社会稳定  。

            11.However, the western region development is a long-term systematic project.然而  ,西部开发是一个长期的系统工程  。

            12.It calls for tremendous efforts of several generations.它需要几代人的共同努力 。

            13.economic prosperity 经济繁荣

            14.social progress 社会进步

            15.political stability 政治稳定

            16.beautiful landscape 风光秀丽

            17.a deep-rooted concept 一个根深蒂固的观念

            18.materialistic society 物质社会

            19.be concerned about 关心

            20.the sense of achievement 成就感

            21.in terms of 从……的角度