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              使用并列结构写出精彩句式 ,请大家欣赏以下两个精彩的例句:

              Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability. (Francis Bacon)

              学习可以怡情  ,可以博采 ,可以长才 。(培根)

              ……government of the people, by the people and for the people……(Abraham Lincoln)



              用and或者or 连接两个词性相同、意思相近的单词 ,就构成了并列结构  。

              比如:give support and assistance to……

              ……benefit from education and instruction.

              ……develop and promote economic growth.


              1.The American girl, dressed in a traditional Chinese costume and ornaments, indicates and symbolizes the multinational communication of cultures and customs. (选自2002年考研作文真题  ,一句话包含三处并列结构)

              2.It goes without saying that the drawings aim at revealing a common and serious problem in China: how to educate and cultivate the young. Let take a closer look at the drawings. In an ideal condition, the flower blooms. But when moved out of the greenhouse, it perishes under the rain and wind. It is obvious that flower grown in greenhouse can誸 withstand wind and rain. (选自2003年考研作文真题 ,一个段落包含四处并列结构)

              “亮点句式”是考研阅卷老师定档次、给分数的主要凭据, 所以希望同学们平时有意识地多训练自己“亮点句式”的写作, 那么在考试中, 获得高分就会水到渠成了  。