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              考研英语面试中  ,在自我介绍完了  ,老师就会开始问你问题  。这里列出一些常见的问题  ,可以认真准备  。注意在准备的过程中  ,要结合自己的经历和见解来准备答案  ,让自己回答的问题和整个的自我介绍融为一个整体  。要不然很容易被考官抓住把柄  ,问个没完 ,很容易因紧张而露出马脚  。

              在每一年的面试中都会有很多相同的问题  ,这些问题看起来很平常  ,却有很多陷阱 ,一不小心就会被考官抓主“小辫子”了  。回答这些常见的看起来很平常的问题 ,是很有艺术的  。在这里一共提供了75个常见的各类问题  ,本文进行了详细的分析  。

              一、传统面试问题(Sample Traditional Interview Questions)

              1、What can you tell me about yourself?

              In high school I was involved in competitive sports and I always tried to improve in each sport I participated in. As a college student ,I worked in a clothing store part-time and found that I could sell things easily. The sale was important  , but for me  ,it was even more important to make sure that the customer was satisfied. It was not long before customers came back to the store and specifically asked for me to help them. I''m very competitive and it means a lot to me to be the best.

              2、What would you like to be doing five years after graduation?

              I hope to do my best I can be at my job and because many in this line of work are promoted to area manager ,I am planning on that also.

              3. What is your greatest strength?

              I feel that my strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a job and it turns out just as I''d planned. I''ve set some high goals for myself. For example  ,I want to graduate with highest distinction. And even though I had a slow start in my freshman year  ,I made up for it by doing an honor''s thesis.

              4. What is your greatest weakness?

              I''m such a perfectionist that I will not stop until a job is well done.

              5. How do you feel about your progress to date?

              I think I did well in school. In fact ,in a number of courses I received the highest exam scores in the class. As an intern for the X Company  ,I received some of the highest evaluations that had been given in years.


              6.Why did you choose peking university?

              7.Why did you choose MBA?

              8.What would you like to be doing five years after graduation?

              9.What has been your greatest accomplishment?

              10.Describe your greatest strengths and weaknesses.

              11.What have you learned from the jobs you have held?

              三、行为面试问题(Sample Behavioral Interview Questions)

              12.Describe the best/worst team of which you have been a member.

              13Tell me about a time when your course load was heaviest. How did you get all of your work done?

              14.Give me a specific example of a time when you sold someone on an idea or concept.

              15.Tell me about a time when you were creative in solving a problem.

              16.Describe a time when you got co-workers or classmates who dislike each other to work together.

              17.Tell me about a time when you made a bad decision.

              四、压力面试问题(Sample Stress Interview Questions)