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            本文出自一篇评论达尔文在现代科学中的价值和地位的文章  。文章选材和题点设置没有违背近年来的命题思路和趋势  ,整体难度与06年相仿 ,难于07年  ,大大难于05年 。话题难度稍微减弱  ,但翻译技巧点设置加深了一些难度  ,全局理解关键点为一个词组的情况只出现了一次  ,但由于翻译题的评分标准为分段给分、综合扣分的特殊方式  ,释义点分散加大了试题难度 ,但并没有加大得分难度  。以下是简单分析  ,供参考  。

            He points out that he always experienced much difficulty in expressing himself clearly and concisely, but he believes (opines) that this very difficulty may have had the compensating advantage of forcing him to think long and intently about every sentence, and thus enabling him to detect errors in reasoning and in his own observations.

            他相信  ,这种困难或许正好能够扬长避短 ,使他不得不长时间专注地思考每一个句子;因此使他能在推理和自己的观察中发现错误  。考点设置了宾语从句的翻译  ,复杂介词短语、不定式、副词结构的翻译  ,没有偏难词汇  ,句式流畅 ,基本不涉及大规模的句式调整  ,整体难度适中  。

            He disclaimed the possession of any great quickness of apprehension or wit, such as distinguished Huxley. He asserts, also, that his power to follow a long and purely abstract train of thought was very limited, for which reason he felt certain that he never could have succeeded with metaphysics or mathematics.

            他还断言道  ,在理解冗长且纯粹抽象的观点上  ,他的能力是非常有限的  。由此  ,他曾确信自己在形而上学和数学方面根本无法成功 。名词性从句为主要结构性考点  ,难度中下  ,并列的名词结构由于较长的定语造成了一定理解障碍  ,但不难组织译文  。难词中的assert原词重现于1994年真题  ,专题详细讲过 ,考得是一个细致 。Metaphysics有译玄学  ,但为了保证难度在在考试中被取消  。

            His memory, too, he described as extensive, but hazy. So poor in one sense was it that he never could remember for more than a few days a single date or a line of poetry. On the other hand, he did not accept as well founded the charge made by some of his critics that, while he was a good observer, he had no power of reasoning.