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            2008-11-21 13:32


            Part A:

            Directions: You have just come back from Canada and found a music CD in your luggage that you forgot to return to Bob, your landlord there. Write him a letter to

            1)make an apology, and

            2)suggest a solution

            You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET 2.

            Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use Li Ming instead.

            Do not write the address.


            今年小作文相对简单 ,预计全国平均分5-6分之间,略高于07年的4.93分  。自2005年开考小作文以来 ,今年第四次考察了书信这一题型  ,再次印证了考研小作文的重点还是书信作文,而备忘录、摘要、报告、告示只需简单准备即可  。

            05年考察辞职信+道歉信,06年考察请求信,07年考察建议信  。今年则再次考察了道歉信,充分表明真题是考研的根本,写作也不例外  。只要充分重视真题 ,,必将受益匪浅  。我们的写作教材中附有教育部公布的历年真题高分作文,历年经典句型均可借鉴  。

            需要注意的是,根据08年教育部最新大纲  ,考研小作文无需书写日期,最好使用缩进式,段间不空行 ,每段首行缩进4-5个字母  。称呼需要顶头写,由于题目中出现了人名  ,写成Dear + 人名即可 。正文中务必客气,礼多人不怪  。表示感谢的句型不可或缺,感谢房东对你的热情照顾 。同时表示道歉和提出解决方法两点提纲务必写到  。

            落款写在稿纸中间偏后的位置 ,Yours sincerely,或Sincerely yours  ,均可,注意大小写和逗号  。署名要写Li Ming,不能出现自己的真实姓名  。


            Dear Bob,

            I am a tenant from China who had been living in your house in Canada for two weeks. I am writing the letter to inform you that I wish to extend my sincere apology to you.

            First and foremost, I take this opportunity show my heartfelt appreciation to the kind assistance you render me during my stay in Canada. In addition, I borrowed one CD of Beethoven''s symphonies from you in Canada. Unfortunately, when I returned home, I found to my surprise that CD in my personal baggage due to my carelessness.

            To solve the problem, I would like to send this CD to you by Express Mail Service. Once again, please accept my sincere apology for any inconveniences I have caused. I hope the settlement of the matter will meet your wishes.

            Yours sincerely,

            Li Ming