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            2008-11-1 15:16


            1) I am much pleased to inform you that…….

            2) I wish to apply for the teaching position you are offering.

            3) Your kind letter of November 22th arrived this morning.

            4) In reply to your letter dated July 4,I want to say…

            5)Thank you for your letter dated Dec.22,2000.

            6) Many thanks for your letter of Sept.5  ,1997.

            7) A thousand thanks for your kind letter of June 5,1997.

            8) Your letter which arrived this morning gave me great comfort.

            9) Thank you very much for your letter of August 2 and the gift you sent me on Christmas Eve.

            10) First of all,I must thank you for your kind assistance and high attention to me .

            11) With great delight I learn from your letter of this Sunday that…

            12) I am too excited and delighted at your good news.

            13) I am very obliged to you for your warm congratulations.…


            1) Looking forward to your early reply  ,

            2) Hoping to hear from you soon  ,

            3) I hope to hear from you very soon.

            4) We look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.

            5) Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

            6) I hope everything will be well with you.

            7) Please let us know if you want more information.

            8) I wish you very success in the coming year.

            9) Please remember me to your family.

            10) With best regards to your family.

            11) All the best.

            12) With love and good wishes.


            1. In reply to your advertisement in ~,I respectfully offer my services for the situation.

            2. With reference to your advertisement in ~ for a / an ~,I offer myself for the post.

            3. Please consider me an applicant for the position which you advertised in ~.

            4. Having noticed the enclosed advertisement in ~,I wish to apply for the position referred to.

            5. In answer to your advertisement in ~ for a ~,I wish to tender my services.

            6. Your advertisement for a ~ in ~ has interested me. I feel I can fill that position.

            7.Shall you need an experienced ~ for your ~ next summer?

            8.I have been for over five years in the employment of a / an ~ company

            9.I have been in the business for the last ~ years,and worked as the director of the…department.

            10. I've had ~ years' experience with a company as a ~.

            11. For the last ~ years,I have been and still am a / an ~.

            12. I'm ~ years of age,female / male,and have had ~ years' experience in a limited company's ~ office

            13. I should be very glad to have a personal interview and can furnish references if desired.

            14. If you desire an interview,I shall be most happy to call in person,on any day and at any time you may appoint.

            15. Should you think favorably of my application,kindly grant me an interview.

            16. I trust that you'll give this application your favorable consideration.

            17. Should you give me a trial,I'll do my utmost to afford you every satisfaction.


            1. I am sorry to say that we are greatly inconvenienced by the fact that ~.

            2. I am writing this letter to complain about ~.

            3. I really must complain about the quality of the ~ I recently got from your company.

            4. You seem to have supplied us with a product that falls far below the standard we expect.

            5. The ~ I ordered from your store arrived broken. Obviously,no packing had been placed in the box before it was sent from the warehouse.

            6. It is now over ~ since we made the above order with you,but the ~ we need badly now haven't arrived yet.

            7. The product I purchased from you ~ proved to be quite a disappointment. Although it looks exactly the same as the one I saw in your commercial,it actually does not perform the same way.

            8. As I have no interest in receiving a replacement,I am returning the product to you and demand that a full refund be made to me.

            9. I'd appreciate it very much if you refund the money I have paid for it.

            10. We would appreciate it if you would arrange for the replacement of the damaged items.