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        1. 考研英语大作文范文之团结互助-启程网

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            Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should:

            1.describe the drawing briefly,

            2.explain its intended meaning, and then

            3.state your point of view./give your comments.


            抗震救灾 众志成城

            The illustration depicts four hands holding together in the center of the map of china, with United as the Great Wall, making anything rather small on the both sides of the picture. Recently, people from all walks of life concern the victims in the Wenchuan Earthquake.

            It is conspicuously indicated that love combined all the Chinese together and assist the Wenchuan victims to overcome the difficulties. We are the brothers and exert our efforts to rebuild the homelands of the Wenchuan victims.

            In a increasingly harmonious society, the phenomenon to show love is sufficient. A family or a single person in disasters can not accomplish the task without the help of the others. It is the love based on complementary advantages that will contribute to ultimate success of a person or a organization. Numerous examples can demonstrate the power of the love. In the Wenchuan Earthquake, people from all over the world collect the fund for them to fly over the dilemmas. Were there no love, we will can not witness a harmonious society in all round way.