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            考研英语翻译部分在试题中分值占10%  ,建议同学们还是要重视起来  ,为自己争取更多的分数  。启程网考研频道考研为大家搜集整理有关社会生活、科普知识、文化教育等方面的相关句子  ,以此拓展大家的视野  。一起来学习吧 !


            With the improvement of living standards, vacationis playing an increasingly important role in Chinesepeople’s life. In the past, Chinese people mainlyspent their time on earning a living and seldom didthey have the opportunities to travel abroad.However, the recent years has witnessed a fast development of China’s tourism industry. Theboom of economy and emergence of the affluent middle class, has triggered anunprecedented tourism boom. Chinese people are not only traveling within China, buttraveling abroad is also becoming more and more popular. During the National Day holiday of2016, the consumption of tourism adds up to more than 400 billion. According to the estimateof the WTO, China will become the country with the largest tourism industry in the world in2020, and it will become the country with the fastest consumption increase in traveling abroadin the next few years.


            随着生活水平的提高  ,度假在中国人生活中的作用越来越重要 。过去  ,中国人的时间主要花在谋生上 ,很少有机会外出旅行 。然而  ,近年来中国旅游业发展迅速  。经济的繁荣和富裕中产阶级的出现  ,引发了一个前所未有的旅游热潮  。中国人不仅在国内旅游 ,出国旅游也越来越普遍  。2016年国庆节假日期间 ,旅游消费总计超过4000亿元 。据世界贸易组织估计 ,2020年中国将成为世界上最大的旅游国 ,在未来几年里将成为处境旅游支出增长最快的国家  。